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Request For Proposals




Using Pro/Con, a leader can send a request for proposals, to a group of participants. Participants can make proposals, and point out the pro's and con's of proposals.

Pro/Con handles the most significant problem with group decision-making & participatory democracy: the high cost of organizing and evaluating participants' ideas.

Reason-based voting
  • Users must view others' reasons before entering their own reason
  • Users must vote for a reason, rather than just voting yes or no
  • User-generated content cannot be changed once responded to
  • Users are anonymous, so reasons must stand on their own merit
Minimizing the burden of knowledge
  • Proposals & reasons are ordered by votes discounted by length
  • Users only have to view the best few short proposals / reasons
  • Pro & con reasons are given equal placement, either interleaved or side-by-side
  • New proposal/reason input shows similar existing proposals/reasons
  • Each user can vote for only 1 reason per proposal, to reduce the impact of coordinated voting strategies
  • Access is private, and sharable by link
  • Low-quality content is submerged by user voting
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