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For participants:

To answer survey questions, just type. You may see the answer you were thinking of, and select it. Or type in a better version of a suggested answer, so that other people can select your version. If you see something rude, don't click it, and it will appear less and less.

For surveyors:

Worry less about whether you are providing the right multiple choice options, by letting particpants add their own options. But still get useful convergence to a few best answers.

Reason-based voting
  • Users must view others' answers before entering their own answer
  • Users must supply both an answer, and a reason for that answer
  • Users are anonymous, so answers & reasons must stand on their own merit
Minimizing the burden of knowledge
  • Users only have to view the most popular and relevant answers
  • New answer input suggests similar existing proposals/reasons
  • Each user can select only 1 answer per question, to reduce the chance of strategic answering
  • Access is private, and sharable by link
  • Low-quality content is submerged by user voting
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  • ChromeVox on ChromeOS
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Open-source code
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